BECAUSE... design is the critical first step

why ITS Controls Design

Designing just the right solution is the very first step. We welcome the challenge and once we have the solution that is just right for you, we design components to the highest standards and with the maximum efficiencies built right in. The value we bring begins with quality designs featuring functionality as the foundation.

BECAUSE... PROGRAMMING takes insight and knowledge

Why ITS_Programming_Centrifuge Control

We program each component not only to your exacting standards, but to our even higher standards to ensure programming perfection in each component we make. We test, double check, and then test again to ensure the most optimal performance. You will find value in the 25 years of programming experience we offer. We have seen it all, programmed it all, and stayed up-to-date with all the latest technologies required to develop programming to meet today’s standards and beyond.

BECAUSE... INSTALLATION requires our expertise

why its controls installation

Installation requires extreme safety measures and adherence to compliance issues. Ensuring safety and compliance is where our expertise and professional installations are of the greatest value to you. Whether we build on site or at our own facilities, our turnkey commitment offers the highest quality products, pricing at the most competitive rates, and on-time delivery.

There is not a control panel problem we cannot solve . . .
a systems project we are not afraid to tackle.

Expert engineers in control panel assembly and wiring, from CAD designing, to building the product, installation, and service work beyond. We provide problem-solving engineering services from designing the solution for you, or implementing a wiring diagram working from your plans and specifications, to troubleshooting issues with an existing control panel already in place. From start to finish, we provide the engineering expertise, quality and professional services to manage all your project needs.

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