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We have worked with many customers on retrofitting their existing machinery to meet new requirements, improve efficiency, and streamline operations. In this case, our customer had an old Strippit turret punch with crippled, obsolete controls.

With our help, they have been able to continue to use a favorite DOS-based pattern layout program, preserving the value of their investment in the hundreds of part files developed over the years. As part of the project we wrote a Visual Basic program that reads the output files resulting from their layout program, processes the output into a standard CSV form and saves the results into a folder on the server. Now when the operator wants to load a new part file into the Strippit machine, the touchscreen is used to enter the part number. If the file for that part number exists on the server, the data is automatically transferred in seconds to the machine, enabling the operator to start loading blanks and punching different parts.

As shown here, our customer is loading a blank, precut flat stock, in this case thick steel plate, and using the machine to punch holes. After punching, these pieces are formed into final shapes.

Here are just a few of the changes made during the course of the project. The pictures show the redesign of the turret booth touchscreen and the more efficient wiring design implemented.



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