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This video shows rocks falling into the primary crusher at quarry site. As usual, there is much happening that is not apparent to casual observers. Quarry walls are blasted to provide the material you see in this image. 500T haul trucks transport the material you see from the quarry floor and dump into a rock box.

At the bottom of the rock box is a variable speed vibrating feeder that feeds material from the rock box into the primary crusher. The operator looking down from above manages the level of material in the feeder by controlling the speed of the feeder. Material falls out bottom of the primary crusher onto a conveyor system that will transfer the material to top of the surge pile.

There is more.

Rocks are fed from bottom of the surge pile onto another conveyor system that carries material to and through screens, an orbital crusher, and then nearly a mile across the quarry floor to a system of conveyors and piles that are used to load train cars for the final five mile trip to the finishing mill. At the finishing mill, more crushers produce uniformly sized stone that is then washed and eventually loaded onto boats for transport to Great Lakes customers.

What did we do? We designed, built, programmed, and assisted with starting the controller that manages and coordinates all the people and the machinery in this process. We worked closely with our engineering client and the end user engineering and operations personnel to create a system that safely and efficiently handles material at high production rates and all the while protects people and equipment from harm. And we added several custom programmed automated processes to free operators from some important but more mundane responsibilities. One operator controls everything you see in these photos.

We are not rock crushing professionals, but we know how to translate customer needs and wants into a control system that will process more than 1000 tons of material each hour for many years of multiple shift and long week service.

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