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There was a time when craftsmen were employed to assemble parts into various forms that eventually became part of rotating machinery. Using fixtures, gages, levers, racks, feel, and experience, the craftsmen built many machines some of which continue to operate today, many decades later.

Today, the craftsmen are more difficult to find and afford. Cost and pricing pressures and production demands make automation, precision control of positioning and forces, and state of the art instrumentation necessary. These are photos of the latest of a long series of similar machines each better than the last in terms of capability and features. This particular machine is now located at an end user plant in India.

Operators are prompted step-by-step to assemble rotating parts on this machine. Each assembly step is automatically controlled and critical data is recorded for archive. This press is designed for a range of similar but different assemblies and unique tooling is used to adapt the fixtures to the peculiar form of a given assembly. Changing from one assembly to another is a matter of the operator entering a part number on the touchscreen. If the part number is located in the offline database, the list of required tools and parameters is automatically loaded and the machine is now ready in seconds to build a different assembly. The values that are recorded for each individual assembly are recorded locally and uploaded automatically to an offline database on demand. Data is organized by serial number and includes: data/time stamp, assembly number, and all critical dimensions and pressing forces. At end of every completed assembly, a unique barcode label is automatically dispensed for application by the operator and providing trace ability for life of the product.


End user has provided us with VPN access to the controls on this machine. By this access via the internet we have assisted them actively with updates and coordinated diagnostics without need to travel beyond our Mequon office.



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