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Does your project require UL labeling? We will design your controls compliant with UL 508A.

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Welcome to Industrial Technical Services!
Serving Customers Since 1992

Since our beginning in 1992 we have worked in many industries. Our involvement on any particular project is customized to suit our customerís needs and ranges from programming through complete turn-key operation, from concept through implementation. Our mission is to solve problems for our customers and we are able to help them to define what we can do to help.

Some early projects:

  1. Programmed and assisted onsite with startup of micro-filtration system for whey processing plant in Idaho.
  2. Engineered, supervised installation, and programmed system for trash processing in Florida.
  3. Diagnosed and corrected exhaust problem on industrial dryer in Aubange, Belgium.
  4. Designed, programmed, and started several unique presses employed in assembly of automotive interior components.
  5. Designed, programmed, and started servo operated contour welding machine used in automotive radiator assembly.
  6. Programmed sewage pretreatment facility at local dairy.
  7. Programmed and started radio linked SCADA system in upgraded municipal water pumping system located in Illinois.

Today we can design and build your panels in our UL508A qualified shop located in Mequon, Wisconsin, just north of Milwaukee. We can deliver completed controls to you, or bring your machinery into our shop for the final integration.

Some recent projects:

  1. Turn-key assembly machine control: ten servo axes and eight variable speed drives control a custom machine to deliver small parts for assembly at twelve parts per minute. Wide range of part configurations are accommodated by use of arecipe system that makes tooling and setup changes possible in minutes.
  2. Turn-key inspection machine control: critical dimensions on polished stainless steel tube are measured for conformance to specification: end squareness, overall length, inside diameter, outside diameter, outside roundness, surface finish, and straightness. Pieces that pass are pin stamped with order data and serial number information. Complete inspection data is supplied to networked data acquisition and archive system for trace ability.
  3. Applied vision inspection system to judge quality of molded plastic parts including color conformity as they exit the molding press.
  4. Turn-key machine to wind extruded tubing into uniform coils, present the coils for banding, deposit the banded coil onto exit conveyor.
  5. Adapt pulse fire techniques to improve furnace temperature uniformity for steel alloy heat treat.

Our primary business is special machine controls, designed, built, programmed, and installed per your unique requirements. Over the years we have completed projects covering a wide range of industries, providing customized automation for machines such as rock crushers, precision welding lathes, 6-axes servo welders, conveyorized electric process oven, and many others.

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