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Does your project require UL labeling? We will design your controls compliant with UL 508A.

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Industrial Control Panels
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Control Panels for Use in Hazardous Locations
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Custom Controls, Custom Support

Industrial Technical Services, Inc. is located within easy reach of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We serve customers throughout the United States and internationally. Whether you need new controls for your new machine or new controls for your old machine, we design, build, install, program, and integrate special machine controls.

The pictures at the top are from just a few of the projects we have completed. Those below are examples of welding lathes controls for a customer known for automated welding around circumferences.

Visit our Projects page to see just a few of the projects we have completed to the unique requirements of our customers.

Our primary business is special machine controls, designed, built, programmed, and installed per your unique requirements. Over the years we have completed projects covering a wide range of industries, providing customized automation for machines such as rock crushers, precision welding lathes, 6-axle servo welders, conveyorized electric process oven, and many others.


Career Opportunities

We currently have career opportunities available for Electrical Engineer and Electrical Technician.

Visit our Career Opportunities page for specific job descriptions on the open positions.



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